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I had a leg injury when on leave, causing blood clots. I was put on blood thinning medication and told to wear a sock to help with circulation. I was given Real McArthur Paw Paw Body Cream to try and was surprised! When I applied the cream to my leg, the colour came back and the swelling went down. I am also using the soap products and I love the products. I highly recommend these products, results are amazing. Great products. Thanks Darren.
Colleen Hanson Magnesium Face Cream
Thank you. Got my creams today! Thanks for the magnesium cream! I suffer major calf cramps due to a snapped Achilles tendon. I rubbed some on, and the pain was gone in minutes! Fucking awesome! Always said I need a panadol bath after work so I'm looking forward to the bath bombs! Still using the cream on my shoulder, I'm 10 months post op. Helping with the pain. I went to show someone the scars but they are gone! Lol. Thanks again