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Why did we base our entire skin care range on organic paw paw? Because of it's incredible Benefits!

There’s definitely more to paw paws than them being tasty summery fruits. They are loaded with plenty of nutrients that are not only beneficial when ingested but also when applied topically to the...

The Benefits of Paw Paw as a Food and Using It as a Cream for Your Skin

Once referred to as the “Fruit of the angels” by the famous Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, the paw paw fruit really does live up to its title and reputation.   While it is still not...

Paw Paw Soap - Vegan, Animal Friendly and Great for Your Skin

Our delectable paw paw soaps are handmade in Australia, easy-to-use and they have simple ingredient lists. Most importantly, they are also vegan and great for your skin! Let's take a look.   Paw...