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Tom McArthur "The Paw Paw Man" is my Father. Founder of McArthur Natural Products.

As a family, we worked & lived together in Hervey Bay, QLD making Paw Paw  Skin Care Products .  Corporate greed caused me to become disgruntled, so I left. There is a legal court case going on so i can not say to much, but my Dad has nothing to do with what he started this is not by his choice . Tom McArthur is in a nursing home broke getting by from the government thank god. None of the family are doing skin care except for me Darren McArthur im trying to get our family back together here in Darwin Doing What we Do Best    . They even took our name!

Now, I Have  built my own Company.

We pride ourselves on our top quality ingredients, working with our product from planting, growing, farming, extraction and processing to make the best quality products for you to enjoy. They're also vegan & GMO free.

Our time and passion goes into all our farmed products, which we use in our handmade cold press soaps and also our creams. Our farm is located in NT Australia where the climate is great for producing top quality, handmade paw paw skincare products.

Real McArthur Paw Paw Products Mission Statement;

To provide high quality skin care using all-natural and organic ingredients, offering the effective natural alternatives to the chemical-based products already in the marketplace.

100% natural Real McArthur formulas are made in Australia, using all-natural and organic plant-based ingredients, plus vitamins.

We choose not to use any of the following:

• NO Parabens or any other synthetic preservatives

• NO chemical UV-absorbers

• NO petrochemicals

• NO artificial fragrances or colours

• NO synthetic surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate

• NO genetically modified ingredients.

Our pawpaw creams and soaps are made in NT Australia, where the climate is perfect for growing tropical fruit. Products by Darren McArthur - Paw Paw Junior - Son of Tom McArthur - Paw Paw Man




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